The Faith Evangelical Church held its usual Sunday Service combining worship, readings from the Bible, reflection, and prayer.  It was held at 10:30am.  As a growing Church we wish to invite anyone interested in seeking Salvation through Glorifying God.  This week's message: 

Why turn to God? Because God is our creator and we are made in his image; he is our Eternal Father.  Do we wish to enter the culture of death - of sin?   Or do we wish to find Salvation through reconciliation with our Heavenly Father. 

Like looking into a mirror, we have the Law of Moses.  This will lead us to examine ourselves and find in our hearts a sinful nature; that only with the grace of our Lord we can overcome!  The law is important to follow.-

This was the inspirational sermon of Minister Helen Li, who said that being a Christian and seeking salvation is a deep topic to her, but still wishes to continue growing in understanding of God's majestic existence and of the sinful nature of man. 

Rick and Michael attended the service.  Michael said that he can now see now say God is salvation for him and through Jesus Christ anything is possible.  Rick confessed that everyone needs God and Christianity is the only way to seek Him. 

As Christians, it is important to pray to communicate with God and seek Him as much as possible.  As we pray at service, please offer prayers for the Church and the community to discover lost souls to wish to return to God.  Amen.

Sunday's Scripture Readings:__Romans3:9-26; Genesis1:27, 5:1; James3:9; Galatians3:13; Romans3:21-30; Revelation3:20; Proverbs17:15; Exodus23:7; Matthew9:9-13; Luck15: 11-20.__________________________