Refocus on Self Identity

2016 05 15 Refocus on Self Identity

Fundamental for a church to be authentic one must learn about Personal Salvation. Salvation is through Jesus dying on the cross for us. One must not lose the demeanor that this is a reality!  We must repent and die to our sins, then we are truly children of God.

            A member at the church, Michael Rothwell, said that although he does not always feel the presence of God, he believes in the invisible.  Faith can mean believing in God but it can also be a test.  "If a classroom of students are taking an exam, does the teacher talk?"  Even so God may not speak to us 100% of the time.  Regardless people should carry on with their faith in the invisible God and continue on the path he has taught. 

            Helen, the minister at the church exhorted that Identity in Christ is very important.  We sometimes can feel weak and doubtful of who we are. Our true identity is living in Christ, the Prince of Peace. From here we work for the Kingdom of God's majesty.

            She continues, being a slave to righteousness, there is no room for darkness or sin.  As Christians, we are vessels for Truth. We also can know God will protects us as he follow him in our hearts.

            Please include Faith Evangelical Church in your prayers, as you are also welcome to attend.    

Recommended readings:  Romans 8:14-17, 19-22.