Mini-Retreat On September 24th "Jutisfication by Faith"

There will be a mini-retreat on September 24 1:00-6:00 PM at Faith Evangelical Church. The theme will be "Justification by faith." based on Romans1-4. Total will have four lectures: The sins of gentiles, the sins of Jews(believers), the universality of sin, Jutisfication by faith. Through this mini-retreat, everyone could be able to hold the core truth of Christianity.

Cheyenne Church Language Class Bear Fruit

Cheyenne Faith Evangelical Church opened free Mandarin Class as a community service. Mandarin is a very different language from English. Many people feel difficult to learn. Recently the class witnessed the progress of students. One student Jarrik studied very diligently and achieved obvious progress. Another student Anthony wanted to join and brought his friend Alex. They studied very happily and learned very well. Many students are starting to excel and we are looking forward to more students.

Open Bible School Lectures on Wednesday Nights

2016, Bible School of Cheyenne Faith Evangelical Church will provide Bible lectures on Wednesday nights. The church was devoted to proclaim Bible truth clearly and deeply. Truly hope more people’s spiritual thirsty could be quenched in the Word of God.